The Objective

We are all faced with challenges every day. Whether it is something big or small we all try as best we can to be ready in the event that something might happen. The Objective of this product is to think one step ahead, providing the families of South Africa with a product tailor made to suite their requirements and to give something back to the community.​

 " MY FAMILY 247 " and "MY FAMILY 247 +"

MY FAMILY 247  and our partners have put something together that will fulfill the needs of everyone. A product designed specifically with one goal in mind - Taking care of our families. The wellbeing of the families in South Africa is our main priority and we want to provide your families with something that you can actually benefit from, not something that sounds good at first but when you look at the fine print you ask yourself this question - what am I actually covered for? This is a product Tailor-made to benefit all the families in South Africa.

By becoming part of "MY FAMILY 247" or "MY FAMILY 247 +" you will automatically be giving something back to your community. Businesses that become a member of "MY FAMILY 247" or "MY FAMILY 247 +" will be seen as someone that is not just taking something, but someone that is giving something back to the people as well.

Why this product?

  1. What happens in a home invasion and things like your cell phone, vehicle, wallet or keys are stolen? What happens if your house is in a state after the invasion and you need additional security or even accommodation?
  2. At home? need assistance? Who do you contact?
  3. Your well-being is our main concern, what happens if you were out for a few drinks and are over the legal drinking limit?  Or when you simply need to go from point A to point B. What do you do?
  4. You are stuck next to the road. Your car has broken down and it is the middle of the night? Who do you contact? What additional security is available?
  5. You need professional advice, who do you contact?
  6. We are all constantly on the move, security and emergency response that is limited to one’s place of residence is no longer practical. In fact, people are more often than not away from their homes, and therefore at an increased risk of falling victim to crime, or even just requiring emergency help. How to be found if you are not home.
  7. Affordability of Medical health insurance 
  8. When admitted into a casualty ward of a private hospital, not everyone has money to pay. What happens if you do not have the resources to cover this fee?
  9. What about all the other medical expenses you did not even think of? 

What you will be supporting:

     10. Giving something back to the community,             feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the        homeless and giving our young ones’ a               chance in life.

We want to be invited into the your homes. From the private individual to corporate companies and even International Enterprises. Let us all start making a difference today.

For the Business owner

Contact us today and let us show you how you can be making a difference. To find out how you will benefit from this, click on the link below:

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