Main member and 4 x dependents (M+4) will enjoy the listed assist services. Main member plus 4 x dependent (M+4) will gain access to Stabilization & Evacuation (R35.000 per person) as well as Hospitalization in a Private Hospital (R100.000 +  other benefits per person).

Roadside Assist


Legal Assist, Advice

And Access



Emergency Medical Advice



Admission in a Casualty ward

In the event of the member’s involvement in a medical emergency, The Call Centre will arrange and coordinate the Ambulance Emergency Medical Transportation.

The member will be transported to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care.

Full Medical Assistance (Guaranteed Private Medical Treatment in the Casualty Ward or Hospital Admission) up to R35,000 per member per annum


In the event you are unable to drive home or even if you just need transportation from point A to B

The benefit includes 6 FREE Home and Convenience incidents to a radius of 50km per incident.


Home & Convenience Drive

Home Assist

This is a 24-hour crisis management product to assist the beneficiary in the event of a home invasion.

This will cover the following:


Crime & Security Assist

Private Hospital


Medical Expenses Cover

Private Hospital Cover and Medical Expenses up to R100,000 per member per annum

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